• Checklist: Baby Feeding Supplies

    Breastfeeding or formula-feeding? Which is better?As new parents, it seems like a daunting trip when you plan to prepare the baby feeding supplies. Here is the basic baby feeding supplies list you’ll need for baby. Even if you prefer to opt for the breastfeeding, you would like to keep baby…
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  • Have you noticed that you accidentally wasted your baby’s precious other half of the ration?

    According to survey statistics, breast milk is wasted as much as 200-300ml every day and often embarrasses you! Because the breast is interlinked, when the baby (breast pump) sucks milk on this side, the milk on the other side will also flow out. Use tissue suction, towel pad, anti-overflow breast…
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  • Let’s talk about a mother’s product: Anti-overflow breast pad

    Breastfeeding mothers must have the same worries: It is very embarrassing that the clothes are soaked with breast milk during lactation. Some mothers may even have this kind of situation in the later period of pregnancy. At this time, the anti-overflow breast pad is just like the "God soldier of…
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  • Breast Feeding For You Baby, You Need A Good Breast Pump

    At the beginning of the feeding The baby is waiting for feeding, But Mother’s Breast Milk has not come, the Breast Pump could help to Dredge the mammary gland, stimulate milk secretion. Listen to The Needs From Your Baby Too much milk in the Breast When the baby can't finish…
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