Benefits of baby pacifiers

Is the pacifier effective?

1. Meet sucking needs. Babies need to suck by nature. The sucking reflex that is born, in addition to feeding to maintain their livelihood, the sucking action can also give the baby self-comfort and calm.
2. Avoid overfeeding. If there is no pacifier, the baby may be sucking fingers, mother's breasts or milk bottle. We said later that if we let the baby suck too much on the mother’s nipple or bottle, overfeeding will easily occur, and it will also affect the mother’s rest.
3. Distract temporarily. When the baby is vaccinated or blood is drawn, the pacifier may surprise you, temporarily distracting the baby's attention, I haven't found that I can cry here, and the needles are pulled out.
4. Help your baby sleep. If your baby is not easy to sleep, or feel difficult to wake up, soothers may help you solve these problems.
5. About sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Baby sucking on the pacifier while sleeping can reduce the risk of SIDS.
6. Reduce the discomfort of flying. When the plane is taking off and landing, the air pressure changes, causing ear discomfort. We know that this discomfort can be relieved by swallowing, but the baby does not necessarily cooperate with swallowing, so this time the pacifier will come in handy.