Best baby feeding supplies

You’ll notice that your around six-month-old baby stares at you or attempts to grab the food when you eat, which are the signs to be ready for solid food referred to as real meals. Undoubtedly, as a qualified parent, you need to record carefully the signs and begin to consider how to improve baby’s diet and which are the best baby feeding supplies. Here are a few baby feeding utensils that will help to make the endeavor much easier and reduce the mess during the period of transition to using regular dining utensils. Let’s reach out to realize them!

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1. Dual Purpose Scraping And Feeding Spoon

A good baby self feeding spoon is essential for successfully feeding. This spoon is designed with dual purpose with one spoon, which becomes most parents’ favorite and a good helper for baby fruit feeding. The stainless steel spoon head with double row of dense teeth is easy to deal with a variety of fruits. The silicone spoon head doesn’t hurt baby’s mouth, and can be rotated. Dual purpose spoon is so applicable that becomes best-of option.

Scraping And Feeding Spoon


2. Spill proof baby bowl with baby spoon

When baby learns to using utensils, This spill proof bowl with fixed suction cup at the bowl bottom can be firmly absorbed on the table in case of turning over the bowl and protect the baby’s safety as well.

And spoon has the function of temperature control color sensitive. If the food temperature exceeds 38℃, the head of the spoon will turn white; if not, the spoon color remains original color. The design of this baby feeding tool considers baby’s safety when using.

Baby spoon anti-overflow fixed suction cup set


3. Baby spoon bottle feeder

Baby spoon bottle feeder, also known as baby squeeze spoon or baby spoons for self feeding, which spoon and bottle are integrated together, and can contain fruit puree, egg custard, porridge, rice paste, vegetable puree, fruit puree, etc. The bottom of the spoon bottle feeder can stand on the table to prevent food from spilling. The way of squeeze feeding makes the baby not afraid of choking. One-handed operation is easy and convenient.

Food-grade silicone does not contain bpa baby bottle spoons


4. Silicone baby pacifier

Newborn babies often cry, and suck on something can be of great help to calm. Soother pacifier has a magical effect on the crying baby, and is a boon to parents, babies as well as babysitters. Our baby pacifier adopts optimized PP material for skin care, and fits the touch of breast mike. And the design of round bionic nipple lets baby suck smoothly. Furthermore, we can custom baby pacifier for different ages.

OEM custom soft food grade silicone baby ring pacifier


5. PPSU bottles

Made of new PPSU material also known as "the gold material in plastic" without added pigment, this milk bottle is impact resistant, wear-resistant and not easy to scratch. Aiming to babies of different ages, we have S code, M code, L code, cross-hole.

Wholesale custom high quality ppsu bottles


Final Words

The choices of baby feeding tools are massive, that’s why we are here to make a round-up of a few great picks in every category to ensure best baby utensils you shop.



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