Breast Feeding For You Baby, You Need A Good Breast Pump

At the beginning of the feeding
The baby is waiting for feeding, But Mother’s Breast Milk has not come, the Breast Pump could help to Dredge the mammary gland, stimulate milk secretion.

Breast Pump

Listen to The Needs From Your Baby

Too much milk in the Breast
When the baby can't finish the Breast milk, breast milk is not drained that easily leads to breast swelling pain, breast lump will appear and even lead to mastitis and other problems. A breast pump can empty the excess breast milk and relieve the swelling pain of Breast.

Breast Pump 2

Milk Ringworm
Bad sucking milk to spread milk to the baby's face and neck, then it will lead Baby to get the problem of Milk Ringworm. So you need A Breast Pump to Avoid the problem of Milk Ringworm.

Manual Breast Pump

Storage of breast milk
Working mothers go out or shopping outside, can suck milk storage at any time, to ensure the feeding of the baby.

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