How to choose baby bottles?

Pay attention when buying baby bottles

1. When buying plastic baby bottles, give priority to large shopping malls and supermarkets. Plastic bottles should be affixed with product certification, printed with the manufacturer’s company name and address, and marked with the main ingredients, performance and applicable temperature range of the product, and some also clearly marked the product shelf life and "no microwave heating" Typeface.

2. Look at the appearance: when buying specifically, first look at the transparency of the bottle. Good quality milk bottles have good transparency and can clearly see the volume and state of milk. It is best not to have too many patterns and colors on the bottle. Secondly, a good bottle has high hardness, and you can feel it by pinching it with your hands. Materials that are too soft are easily deformed by high temperatures.

3. Look at the shape: babies of different months have different needs for the shape of the bottle. The round neck has a smooth inner neck and smooth liquid flow, which is suitable for feeding 0-1 year old babies. The curved and ring-shaped feeding bottle is convenient for the baby's small hands to hold, suitable for babies over 4 months, can satisfy the baby's own desire to feed milk, and at the same time exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination to help physical development.

4. Material selection: In terms of abrasion resistance and heat resistance, glass bottles are better than plastic bottles, but glass bottles are fragile and heavy, suitable for adults to hold and feed their babies. The biggest advantage of plastic bottles is that they are high-strength, unbreakable, and easy to carry. They are suitable for larger babies to grasp and eat by themselves. Generally, newborn babies are fed mainly with glass bottles, and after 3 months, more plastic bottles are used.

Precautions for use

1. The baby bottle just bought should be cooked in boiling water for two or three minutes to allow harmful substances to be released as much as possible before normal use.

2. When using plastic feeding bottles, it is necessary to avoid containing acidic substances, and to avoid long-term use under high temperature conditions.

3. It is best not to use a cleaning ball to wipe the bottle, and it is not suitable to use strong acid and alkali detergents (such as decontamination powder) to clean the bottle; you can use a special bottle detergent or a detergent made of natural food. Clean the bottle brush and sponge.