How to choose baby tableware?

Babies start to add complementary foods at six months. Many Baomas have no experience in choosing children’s tableware. Considering the baby’s health and safety, they are also entangled when choosing. And recommended!

The first is glass and ceramic tableware
The advantage of this type of tableware is that it is easy to clean and not hot! It is more convenient to clean, has better heat insulation, and is more practical for home use. However, it is not recommended for babies. First, it is relatively heavy. The most important thing is that it is fragile and unsafe. Babies have no concept of protecting items. It is also a matter of minutes to break them. Therefore, this type of tableware is not recommended for babies. Especially glass and ceramic tableware with patterns are not recommended, because the patterns on the tableware are mostly colored glaze, and the colored glaze contains a large amount of lead. Acidic food will dissolve the lead and enter the baby's body together with the food, which is healthy for the baby. Adverse!

Followed by stainless steel cutlery
Stainless steel tableware has few chemical elements and is strong and durable. It will not break if thrown and thrown casually. However, the stainless steel meal has a very bad defect --- no heat insulation! In particular, stainless steel bowls and jars can easily burn your baby's small hands. In addition, stainless steel rice spoons and steel forks have unhandled burrs, which are not good for the baby's lips! In recent years, stainless steel children's tableware has changed a lot, especially with the addition of a plastic shell, the overall feeling is more cartoonish to love children. With the plastic shell, the overall thermal insulation effect is very good, which is also the mainstream choice for treasure moms!

Then wooden tableware
Many parents choose wooden tableware for the safety of their children. Wooden tableware is natural and harmless, light and easy to damage! However, the wooden meal has a wood grain structure, which is easy to handle when washing, and the leftover food residue will attract the patronage of flies and cockroaches, breed bacteria, and is harmful to the children's diet. Therefore, wooden tableware is not recommended for small babies!

Recommended choice: Silicone cutlery is recommended to Baoma here. Silicone cutlery is light and durable, anti-fall, high safety and heat insulation! Silicone cutlery is non-toxic, tasteless, and high temperature resistant. Compared with ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel cutlery, silicone cutlery can keep warm well. High-temperature cooking does not produce harmful substances. It does not deform at high temperatures of 240 degrees, and does not harden at low temperatures of -40 degrees. It also has a desiccant effect, so it will not be moldy for long-term storage. It can be heated in a microwave oven and is easy to clean. It is a multi-purpose, very practical baby tableware, including pacifiers for babies, most of which are made of silicone material. Silicone tableware has become the first choice of treasure moms today, baby entrance, safety is the first choice!