List of Maternal and Child Supplies (1)

General supplies

1. Milk Bottles

The shape is divided into standard caliber、 wide caliber 、ultra wide caliber. The bottle need to be easy for the baby to grasp by himself, which is beneficial to the baby's intellectual development

The materials are divided into stainless steel bottles, glass bottles, PP plastic bottles, silica gel bottles, PPSU bottles, silver ion PES bottles, etc

The capacity is divided into 80ml,120ml, 180ml,200ml, 240ml,300ml, etc

4-6 should be need to prepare.


2. The Pacifier

Divided into silica gel (transparent), latex (rubber color)

It is divided into 3 or 4 stages according to the flow

There should be at least two stages in the first purchase

2-4 pacifiers should be purchase


3. Bottle Nipple Brush

Material is divided into nylon brush, sponge brush, silica gel brush

Function is divided into bottle brush, nipple brush

Nylon brush is suitable for cleaning glass milk bottles

Sponge brushes are suitable for cleaning baby bottles made of PC plastic

The silicone brush is suitable for cleaning all the material bottles

1 should be need to prepare.

4. Milk Bottle Clip

After disinfection, use the clip to take out milk bottles and other supplies.

1 should be need to prepare.


5. Bottle Cleaning Fluid

Plant material, clean, safe and thorough,

6.Milk Powder Storage Box

Used for carrying milk powder outside,should be portable and have 3-4 grids

1-2should be need to prepare.


7. Soft Spoon

Feed your baby fluids,should be soft and safety,food grade.

8. Vacuum Milk Powder Crisper

It is used to keep milk powder fresh in vacuum after opening. The milk powder is in a vacuum will not lose its nutrition.