List of Maternal and Child Supplies (2)

List of Maternal and Child Supplies (2)

Washing and Protective Supplies

  1. Baby Laundry Soap
  2. Baby Shampoo
  3. Baby Shower Gel
  4. Moisturizing Products

Moisturizing oil,Moisturizing lotion,moisturizer.

List of Maternal and Child Supplies (2)-

  1. Baby Powder
  2. Wundcreme

To prevent diaper rash and eczema

  1. Skin Care Wipes

Soft wipes are suitable for wiping all parts of the baby's body. Hand and mouth wipes containing alcohol are suitable for wiping hands and mouth

  1. Water Thermometer

Shows the appropriate bath temperature

  1. Bath Net

Buckle on the bathtub, convenient and safe bath

  1. Big Bath Towel

Wipe the baby's body after bathing

  1. Nail Clippers

Trim your baby's nails often

12.Nasal Aspirator

The baby's nose is very delicate, suction head material is not good will harm to the nasal mucosa.When choosing nose suction device, should choose material to be very soft, and want to have no excitant, safe environmental protection, better material on the market is soft silica gel commonly, safe and healthy, more suitable for infants to use.Mothers in the selection of time, you can use the hand pinch suction head, the test of softness, the more hard can not choose, the baby will be easy to move, the material is hard easy to stab the nasal cavity.