List of Maternal and Child Supplies (3)

List of Maternal and Child Supplies (3)


Daily Supplies

1.Baby Nail Clippers


2.Cotton swabs and cotton balls

Clean ear wax, navel and other parts

  1. Electronic thermometer

Display the temperature quickly, safely and accurately

  1. Baby comb brush setList of Maternal and Child Supplies (3)-

Massage the head and soles of feet

  1. Cooling Gel Sheet, Nose and Throat Paste

Prepare for your baby's sudden fever

  1. Nasal Aspirators and Tweezers

Remove nasal mucus and dirt from infants

  1. Baby Medicine Feeder

A good helper for giving your baby medicine.

  1. Wet Wipes

Baby wipes are generally soft and suitable for cleaning after baby poop.

  1. Non-Slip Baby Socks

Use a special technique to glue a little bit of rubber on the sole of the stocking. After the baby puts it on, it can walk without slipping.

  1. Baby Bedpan

There is a kind of baby bedpan with anti-odor and anti-dirt coating, baby after the toilet just need to use water to wash a little.Because light and convenient, good stability, baby sitting on it will not upset, especially suitable for use in bed at night.

  1. Disposable Breastfeeding Pad

When the baby eat milk always will overflow, so there is a milk cushion, it USES natural macromolecule absorbent material to make, pad between bra and breast, can absorb the overflow of milk, prevent pollution of the nipple, keep clothes dry and clean of the nipple, can let the baby clean to eat milk.Especially suitable for mothers with a lot of milk.

  1. molar rod

High strength non-toxic silicone for baby teeth grinding.The water in the molar rod is strictly sterilized and sealed.When the baby teeth, the gums have a burning feeling, you can put the molar rod device into the refrigerator (not in the freezer) after a period of time into the room to take out, give the baby bite, the cold molar rod can help alleviate the burning feeling of the gums.

  1. Safety gate card and safety table corner

There are special safety gate card and safety table corner to prevent the baby from being hit and injured by the door.

  1. Baby Pacifier

Sucking is the nature of the baby. Sucking can not fully meet the baby's instinct, so babies have bad habits of sucking fingers and biting things, which may cause teeth to separate, soft jaw deformity, lips can not be properly closed, and bacteria.

  1. Baby Mattress

Fits into the baby's body shape and effectively supports its body.

  1. Breast Pump

BB suckles breast milk directly, which is conducive to the cultivation of parent-child relationship, and is also helpful to the mental and physical health of the baby and the mother.If you can't breast-feed immediately, use a breast pump, but pay attention to the hygiene of the pump.