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Pros and Cons of Pacifiers for Newborns

Whether you call it a dummy, binky or soother, a baby pacifier is a must-have on the short list of baby feeding supplies. As you may have realized, newborn babies often cry, and suck on something can help to calm. That’s why soother pacifier comes in, which has the power to sooth the crying baby and give parents a moment to rest meanwhile. But before you in the market for best soother for newborn, learn about baby pacifier pros and cons is necessary.

Pros and Cons of Pacifiers for Newborns

Like everything has two sides, there are pros and cons of using a pacifier. Are you considering giving a newborn a pacifier? Read this blog to learn how to pick the right pacifier for your baby.

Pacifier pros

Apart from serving as baby soother, following are the advantages of pacifier for baby to shed light on why baby pacifiers rise in popularity:

- A good distraction tactic. When it comes to medical procedure such as getting shots and vaccination, it’s better to prepare a baby pacifier to attract babies’ attention and help make babies less upset.

- lull a baby to sleep. Sucking on pacifier may help to settle your baby down, which is conducive to calming down to sleep.

- Reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, they it’s advocated that babies use pacifiers during naps and bedtime, which can lower the risk of SIDS.

- Eases ear discomfort during air travel. During the air travel, baby is too young to understand the meaning of words and instructions such as yawn or open mouth otherwise, when having a ear discomfort. At this time, preparation of a pacifier may help them relieve pressure during flight.

Pacifier cons

On the other hand, there are also disadvantages of pacifier you may concern when using.

- May lead to “nipple confusion.” Whether the use of pacifiers interferes with breastfeeding has become the most concern. Babies are easily getting used to using artificial nipple, which can cause the interfere in the breastfeeding. According to experts, they recommend pacifier for 1 month old baby.

- May lead to dependency. The benefits of soothing and sleeping are great. However, if babies are relying so heavily on pacifier, it’s hard to get rid of the habit of overdependency in the late period.

- May lead to dental issues. The American Dental Association warned that there are two factors may potentially lead to dental issues(such as the improper growth of mouth and teeth alignment): one is the thumb sucking, the other is baby pacifier use. The habit of thumb sucking should be gotten rid of when child age 4, the ADA says.

- Risk factor for ear infections. A research showed that children who did not use a pacifier continuously had one-third fewer ear infections than those who often used a pacifier. In theory, that’s because the pressure behind the ear changes when baby sucks or swallows, which may cause the problem of shifting fluids into the middle ear and finally infect. Therefore, setting a specified usage time is really important. For example, limit the use of pacifiers to nap and bedtime instead of sucking pacifier all day.


As is stated above, when you are looking for silicone soother on the market, having a grasp of the advantages and disadvantages of pacifier will help make wise choice. AP Babys, a baby pacifier manufacturer from China, provides the safest pacifier for clients. Custom baby pacifier is available. You’ll be in good hand with AP Babies for further discussion!!!




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