Reasons Why Parents Should Introduce Straw Cups At Right Age

Baby Straw Cup, Sippy Straws, Suckling straw cups

Babies develop the ability to suckle right from the foetal age. This is one of the techniques infants use to feed and satisfy their hunger. Suckling straw cups are also the best facial, lips and tongue exercise for the newborn.

  • This is the only way newborns can be fed
  • It helps the baby develop the skills to coordinate with breathing when feeding
  • Toddlers learn to use lip and tongue coordination
  • Practicing with baby Sippy Straws and cups, at an early age, will offer numerous benefits.

    Prevents malocclusion

    The first benefit of using a straw is that it does not involve the use of teeth. This also eliminates the chances of teeth deformation. When using the Baby straw cup the straw is not exposed to the lips.

    Helps baby breathe

    Feeding and breathing at the same time need coordination. The toddler has to master the skills to breathe normally even when feeding. Baby Straw Cup can help the baby improve his skills to breathe when drinking.

    Helps the baby learn to interact

    Facial muscles may need exercise to practice movements. These skills the baby will develop when sipping from the Sippy straws.

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